Sharing agriculture the world over!

Here at Global Cow, we have three main passions we love to share with you!

ecuadorAgriculture Abroad

Connecting Americans (and internationals) with farms and agribusinesses globally, for the learning experience of a lifetime.

8Ag in the USA

Providing internationals a way to come into the USA to learn about American agriculture.


Hosting small groups within the USA (and occasionally in other countries), to see agricultural techniques and facilities on a short trip. 

We look forward to sharing agriculture with you!

Global Cow  is the parent company of Vermont Fascination.

Global Cow  focuses on "learning-by-doing", offering training or study tours on American farms. We now also offer international experiences in other countries--helping Americans and others learn about agriculture abroad.  Please know that while we are still most fond of the dairy cow - that's why we are called "Global Cow" - we work with all areas of agriculture.

Our staff also knows there are many interested in understanding where their food comes from, and experiencing agriculture in a more personal way.  Vermont offers great opportunities for this.  When people are visiting our great state, Vermont Fascination offers easy ways to get "up close and personal" with farms and nature in a fun way.